How to get inspired creating your business logo

Posted on 22nd July 2016

Creating a company logo is a highly responsible moment. This is going to be the face of your company, so you should think long and hard before choosing one. This is the moment for you to understand exactly who you are and who you want to be as a business. Take the essence of this and transform it into your unique logo.

The branding theory has it that a good logo has to fit specific criteria. The logo has to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. But what if your creative juices are just not flowing? You need to an inspiration boost. Going back to always-reliable Google and looking at examples is not a bad idea, but, out of the experience, it is not always enough.

Brainstorm and mind map
You remember how in school when writing papers teachers used to ask you to make a mind map or just brainstorm before starting writing? This same method can also be used when you are running with your head in the logo design wall.brainstorming

Start by thinking what is your business about. What kind of problem does your business solve? Also, consider the emotions and feeling you want your costumers to eventually associate with your business. Your logo has to incorporate all of these features.

Try to find the few core keywords that best describe your business and link them in a meaningful way. This will help you establish a certain idea about your businesses’ image and lay a good base for further creative work. Besides, if you are planning to later create a website, these can also help you boost your online marketing, but that’s a whole another post.

Colour psychology
Next, you have to start visualising your ideas. Colour and shapes are one of the easiest places to start. Select few that you like and read up on the psychological effects that they have on a customer. For instance, have you noticed that majority of brands are either blue or red?
This is because they are smart in their branding. Blue is a colour of trust, control, ambition spirit. Just think about it, almost all of the biggest social media logo’s are blue: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype etc. On the other hand, red is associated with passion, activity, energy, fun and joy. Which brands do you associate with these values? YouTube, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Red Bull – all of these brands are exactly that, exciting youthful and powerful.colour

Mood board
Finding the colours that best describe your brand is already a big step towards a good logo. But now when you have so many ideas on paper try and turn them into images. Find pictures that best depict your keywords and create a mood board.zahoot

Add things like your favourite fonts, colours, shapes, maybe even example logos. Turn your brainstorm or mind map visual. Stick it up on a board so you have it in front of you. This will help you to see the whole picture which is sometimes hard to do when it is only in your mind.
Once you are done with that go through the checklist again. See which designs are the most simple, memorable, timeless etc. If you are missing something, just go back to the drawing board and add the lacking parts. Good is the enemy of the best so take your time being creative. Gather ideas and don’t be scared to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make in an early stage, the better the outcome will be.