How knowing your target audience positively impacts your business

Posted on 30th July 2016
target audience

You have a business. That means there is someone who buys whatever you are selling, products, services or experiences. It comes without saying, but you probably won’t try to sell a car to a two-year-old or a skateboard to a grandma, except only if it is Christmas season and you are marketing it as a gift for her grandchild. You must have an idea who your target market is.
Sending random messages into the universe only seldom actually results in someone hearing them and taking them seriously. Have you ever asked a question to a large group of people? Everyone will just wait for someone else to take the responsibility and only few will actually care about what you are saying. If you address everyone, no one will listen. And the same happens in marketing. Knowing your audience will help you create targeted and specific messages precisely for the people who you want to reach.Targeting.

Knowing your audience has many benefits to your business. As everything in business, if done well this can turn into money. However, before you see those sweet pounds running down in to your bank account, here are some things that you can improve by knowing your audience.
Everything in business comes down to money and marketing usually does not get the biggest piece of the pie. Make strategic and informed choices when investing in marketing efforts. Target group research can open your eyes to a lot of information that you can turn into revenue later down the line.

If your audience is younger try using social media networks to reach them. If you are a local business don’t try to focus on huge areas but think closer to home. Use media that your target group consumes. There is no point in primarily using Snapchat to market to elderly people. When 60% of Snapchat’s users are 13 to 34-year-olds. Use your money where your target audience media
When in Rome do as Romans do. Talk your target audience’s language. If you are a financial company with a lot of B2B clients keep it official. Use the tone of voice that fits both the situation and what your customers are looking for. The right tone of voice will add to your businesses’ image, but if you use the wrong one your clients will feel misunderstood or even offended in the worst case.

The design of your website and branding will also benefit from knowing your audience. Take Nike, their brand design is vibrant, stylish, energetic and youthful. No one has to ask who their target group is. You will do yourself a good turn by rethinking your design so it appeals to your target audience.who

Targeted marketing is proven to bring higher ROI than mass advertising. This involves everything from location, age, interests, hobbies, household size, social group and so much more. There are so many things you can do to obtain this data, but that’s for a whole another post. What counts is what you do with this data. A strong brand identity is crucial to stand out from your competition, but you can still appeal to your target audience by using whatever media they use and talking their language. If you manage to reach and interest your target audience the rest is in the hands of the product that you provide.