Large Format Print in Birmingham

Digital Print

If you need to get an idea from concept to reality quickly, look no further than Zahoot’s Large Format Print Specialists in Birmingham. It is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of print production for several reasons:

• It’s blindingly fast. Our in-house team can turn around digital prints incredibly quickly due to the minimal press setup involved and the ability to print directly from a file. No plate mounting, no ink keys and, as a result, fewer steps to get in the way of the birth of your marketing material.

• It’s cost effective. Digital printing is a very cost effective service if you’re looking for a quick turnaround and don’t want to be bound by minimum order quantities or quotas.

• It’s green. Thanks to the lack of pre-press stages, photo chemicals and film plates, digital printing is very kind to the planet.

• It’s great for short runs. If you’re after a short run or know you’ll need ad-hoc re-orders and amendments to printed material, digital printing is a great choice. Digital files are easily stored and can be updated whenever required, making them incredibly effective for print management.

Large Format Print

Sometimes you need to make a splash. A big splash. At Zahoot, we’re masters at large format printing. No matter the size required, our in-house team of design and print experts can create eye-catching large format prints which will stop people in their tracks and put your company on the pedestal it deserves.

The A3 printer in your office will only go so far, therefore if you need anything above that size, be it a poster, office banner or advert, just speak to the large format print specialists in Birmingham at Zahoot.


Often known as ‘litho’, this timeless form of printing is as reliable now as it was during its inception way back in 1796. There’s a reason practices stay around for that long, and lithographic print is a tried and tested format we simply couldn’t do without.

If you need to print something on a challenging surface such as metal or cloth, lithographic is the way to go. Just as adept at printing on the more traditional surfaces (paper, card, etc), litho print offers three key benefits:

• Image quality. Lithographic prints are very high in quality and offer more bang for buck than similar print methods such as gravure.
• Flexibility. Providing the surface is smooth, litho printing will be able to tackle it. Unlike other forms of print, it isn’t limited to the simple stuff like paper.
• Cost effectiveness. If you’re looking for large print runs, lithographic printing is the way to go. There’s a reason it is the preferred method for magazine, newspaper and stationary printing!