Roll up/ Roller banners

What is a roller banner?

Roller banners are one of the most prominent mediums for advertising. Visit any shopping centre, business premise or exhibition floor and you’ll see them proudly displaying the name, brand and function of the business they’re promoting.

At Zahoot, we have spent years designing roller banners for all manner of different applications. If you need something to bring your office reception to life, or want to spread the message at a forthcoming event, get in touch and we’ll talk through your requirements. No challenge is too big or small.

Why invest in roller banners?

Roller banners are brilliant. Time for a bullet list of benefits!

• They’re cost effective ways of generating brand exposure and catching potential customers’ eyes
• They’re ultra portable. As the name suggests, roller banners compact quickly into something a fraction of their extended size and come complete with handy carry cases
• You can place them anywhere. Providing you have the height available, roller banners will fit into the tightest of spaces
• They’re built to last. Every roller banner we design at Zahoot will last the duration of your marketing campaign and beyond. It doesn’t matter how many times you extend them or how many miles they travel, they’ll never let you down

Roller banner design from the experts

With marketing budgets continuing to be squeezed, it can be tempting to have a go at designing something as seemingly simple as a roller banner in house. There is, however, a great deal of skill and know-how required in order to design the perfect roller banner.

At Zahoot, we know exactly where your logo should be placed, how people will interact with your banner and exactly the type and depth of content required. Roller banners often play the briefest yet most important of roles when potential customers first come into contact with you and our design team know how to make sure no opportunity to impress is missed.

Roller banners for every event

If you’ve got an event on the horizon and you’re concerned about how best to fill the room with your brand or message, roller banners are often the most cost effective option. Negating the need for complex stands or signage, they can be placed virtually anywhere and have just as great an impact.

Some common uses for roller banners are:

• Exhibitions
• Product launches
• Shopping centres
• Seminars
• Speeches
• Gala dinners
• Family events (weddings, birthdays, etc)

Roller banners designed for you and you only

We don’t roll out – if you’ll excuse the pun – old designs. At Zahoot, we’ve built a reputation for listening intently to our clients in order to gain a full understanding of their requirements. You may only have an inkling of an idea for your roller banner design, but that’s all we need; our in-house design team can take even the vaguest of briefs and make them a reality.