Surface Graphics – Impactful, useful and fun!

Posted on 6th April 2016

Surface graphics, cut vinyls, stickers and decals are evolving. With the development of self adhesive vinyls, and technology that allows vinyl to be adhered to almost any available surface – your creativity can expand to anywhere and everywhere! Business owners, Marketing Executives, Events Organisers, Curators, Branding Executives, Business Development Specialists, all have used adhesive vinyl as a method of display and way finding. Information and communication is key in any of today’s markets – surface graphics play a key role in aiding this.


So, we’ve touched on developments in vinyl technology – and we’ve all come across them at some point – whether you know it or not. Browsing down the dog food isle in the supermarket to pick up your pooches favourite bag of treats, whilst standing on that large print out on the floor of a dog running with a ball? That’s long lasting printable vinyl with a non-slip laminate applied. You’re meeting friends at an art show in the city. You can’t find them, but the large exhibition logo and text applied to the corner of the building is a key point where you can ask them to meet you.

There are examples of surface graphics all around us, and they do sometimes just blend into our environments as the everyday – competing against one another to grab our attention. Yet without them where would we be? Deciding on the use of surface graphics and the potential they have to engage an audience is important whatever you do that is customer relating. Communicate and inform.


Vinyl graphics are a fantastic way to get a business noticed or enhance public awareness of a product or event. Here are some of the benefits to adding stickers to the interior or exterior walls, glass divides or windows, floors or ceilings of your company premises or public space. An effective way to advertise: surface graphics are an immediate and effective way to advertise your business to those passing your premises. Displaying a beautifully designed graphic makes your business appealing, fun and memorable, engaging people in a way other advertising can’t.

– Establishes a brand: decals help to bring together your brand and display it in a stunning way so that it is injected with personality and is easily recognisable to your customers, increasing brand awareness and adding the wow factor.

– Provides information: tired of the bog standard push and pull signs you see on every door? Or dull sign pointing to the toilet? Then use surface graphics as a fun and personal way of informing your customers. Way finding is important in many situations – if your premises are large and require directions to navigate customers around, or for the purpose of a public space and you want to demarcate areas to crowds of visitors. Surface graphics can achieve this extremely effectively.

– Provide privacy: lots of windows means lots of on-lookers which can get quite annoying, but not everybody wants to block out the world with boring blinds. Cut vinyl, therefore, is perfect as they offer some privacy and are much more attractive than any other kind of window covering we’ve come across.

– Sun shield: UV rays can be quite harmful to the skin and the glass in windows provides little protection. Vinyl graphics, on the other hand, help to block out UV rays with a fun and vibrant piece of art tied into your branding.

– Easily updated: these stickers can be re-designed and updated with new information, ready to print whenever you need.


Here at Zahoot Surface Graphics we believe passionately about the environment we work in, what surrounds us and the things that make us happy. This reflects in our work and approach to design. We’ve helped transform the dreariest of spaces into fun, engaging areas for people to use and interact in. Large office spaces have been designed into enchanted forests for a children’s play area; bland white studios given a new lease of life with the simple use of black cut vinyl characters to adorn the bare walls; glass doors with intricately cut frosted vinyl patterning for an elegant surface pattern that provides interest and also safety from walking through the glass.

Our brains process visual stimuli far quicker than the written word in most cases – so why not try introducing surface graphics, info graphics or pattern into a space you’re regularly in, as part of an event, or as a method to inform customers or work colleagues in an engaging manner.