How well do you know your fonts? Quiz!

Posted on 18th August 2016

Most of the time designers are really picky with the typefaces they use. It is even a common knowledge that there are two camps in designer community. The ones who are ready to try new typefaces for each and every project and the ones who have their few holy grail typefaces that they use for everything.

And who haven’t noticed the overwhelming Helvetica trend? You can see it everywhere. It is believed to be so beautiful and perfect that there is even a documentary entirely based on the font. And if you are a typography geek like us, it is undoubtedly worth your time.

Being so concentrated on Helvetica, many of us have forgotten how beautiful and in many cases even more applicable are other typefaces.

A few years ago Errol Morris carried out an experiment where he tested which typeface made people believe in his research outcome. Around 40 000 participants were presented with study results in different fonts including Baskerville, Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, Comic Sans, and Trebuchet.

It’s no surprise that people found research written in Comic Sans a bit unreliable, but there is also a winner font. Turns out that people found Baskerville the most convincing font with close second being Georgia.

And have you noticed how most of the big news sites use serif fonts to empathise the look and feel of a real newspaper? Just take a look at The Guardian, Independent, The Times, The Economist and so many others.

Don’t take us wrong. We still love Helvetica. And probably so do you, but can you really distinguish it from Arial? Are you Sure? We sometimes even enjoy a little game trying to find differences in logos. At times it is almost impossible to tell whether its Arial or Helvetica.

Are you up for a challenge?

We created this little font quiz to test your knowledge in some of the most popular typefaces. Sans serif, serif, humanist, grotesque, neo-grotesque and many other typeface styles. Do you know them all? Take this quick quiz to find out!

So how did it go? Did you exceed your own expectations? I bet you did! But if you still need some help in finding your way in the typeface jungles maybe our graphic design team can help you!